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NPR在線收聽:Why The Fall Of Aleppo Marks A Turning Point In Syria's War2016-12-19
Andrew Tabler from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy takes a step back and examines the current situation in Aleppo, Syria and how the United States is involved.
NPR在線收聽:Study: Communities Most Affected By Opioid Epidemic Also Voted For Trump2016-12-19
Voting patterns show that areas where Donald Trump did well were also places where opiate overdoses and deaths occurred. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Shannon Monnat who led the study.
NPR在線收聽:Henry Heimlich, Namesake Of The Life-Saving Heimlich Maneuver, Has Died2016-12-19
Henry Heimlich, the surgeon credited with inventing the Heimlich maneuver for choking victims, has died. The move saved thousands of lives. But he had other ideas that were more controversial.
NPR在線收聽:The Unsung Holiday Candies2016-12-19
Have you heard of Chocolate Charlie, Black Cake or Cherry Mash? These traditional holiday candies and sweets are only made in certain parts of the country.
NPR在線收聽:Tense North Carolina Gubernatorial Race Rages On2016-12-19
Governor Pat McCrory of North Carolina signed a law stripping Democratic Governor-elect Roy Cooper of power. NPR's Scott Simon talks to Michael Bitzer, political science professor at Catawba College.
NPR在線收聽:China Seizes U.S. Underwater Drone2016-12-19
NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Greg Poling of the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative about China installing weapons on islands in the South China Sea, and seizing a U.S. underwater drone.
NPR在線收聽:Evacuations To Resume In Aleppo2016-12-19
Thousands of people in Aleppo are waiting to be evacuated from the besieged city. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Los Angeles Times reporter Nabih Bulos about the latest developments in Syria.
NPR在線收聽:Sen.-Elect Catherine Cortez Masto On The 'Opportunity' Of The United States2016-12-19
Senator-elect Catherine Cortez Masto is a Democrat from Nevada and will be the first Latina to serve in the Senate. She talks about what she hopes to accomplish in Congress.
NPR在線收聽:Obama Suggests Putin Had Role As U.S. Recasts Antagonistic Relationship With Russia2016-12-19
NPR's Scott Simon talks with Washington Post columnist David Ignatius about the growing antagonism between the US and Russia.
NPR在線收聽:Severe Budget Cuts Loom As Puerto Rico's Debt Crisis Continues2016-12-19
The financial crisis in Puerto Rico is putting a damper on the holiday season, as more budget cuts are coming. There is talk of shutting down basic services like schools and hospitals.
NPR在線收聽:Child Sexual Abuse Soccer Scandal Rocks U.K.2016-12-19
Britain is reeling from a scandal involving allegations of sexual abuse in youth soccer. NPR's Scott Simon talks to Guardian reporter Daniel Taylor, who broke the story.
NPR在線收聽:Donald Trump Ordered For Deposition In D.C. Hotel Restaurant Case2016-12-19
President-elect Donald Trump is scheduled to testify under oath in January at Trump Tower just weeks before he raises his hand to swear in at his inauguration.
NPR在線收聽:Tectonic Shifts In Climate Politics: Researchers Confused On Trump Era Consequences2016-12-19
Trump has sent mixed signals about how he regards climate science. Researchers are divided over whether to appeal him, or prepare for a fight.
NPR在線收聽:German Authorities Enlist Online Hunters To Combat Radicalization Of Muslim Youth2016-12-19
German authorities are using online hunters who sift through websites and videos to find Muslim extremists and monitor their recruitment efforts.
NPR在線收聽:What To Expect When Your Orangutans Are Expecting? Check Their Gift Registry2016-12-19
A pair of orangutans at a zoo in Waco, Texas, is expecting a baby. Naturally the zoo has set up a gift registry for the couple. Laura Klutts, one of the zoo's trainers, says there's a good reason why.
NPR在線收聽:NPR Holiday Leftovers Presents: A 'Stollen' Recipe2016-12-19
Weekend Edition has been collecting holiday recipes from NPR staffers. This morning, we feature German Christmas Stollen, a favorite of NPR's Kim Bryant.
NPR在線收聽:How Diplomacy Time And Again Failed To Stop The Carnage In Syria2016-12-19
There are many losers in the war in Syria, and some critics say that includes the U.S. and its credibility. For years, the U.S. has tried and failed to stop the killing.
NPR在線收聽:Critics Join Supporters On Trump's Florida Stop Of 'Thank-You' Tour2016-12-19
President-elect Donald Trump continued his Thank you tour in Florida Friday, where both Trump supporters and critics gathered.
NPR在線收聽:Transgender Americans Race To Finish Paperwork Before Trump Administration2016-12-19
Transgender people are concerned how rights may change under the new president. Many are hurrying to complete the process of changing genders on government documents before Donald Trump is sworn in.
NPR在線收聽:Supreme Court To Return To 1984 Case Involving Prosecutor Misconduct2016-12-19
The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case involving a notorious 1984 murder in Washington, DC. The key issue involves whether prosecutors failed to turn over favorable evidence to the defendants.
NPR在線收聽:The Season Of Gifting: The Rise Of 'Gift' As A Verb2016-12-19
NPR explores the not exactly new but increasingly common use of the word gift as a verb.
NPR在線收聽:Obama Defends Response To Russian Hacking Of Democratic Party2016-12-19
President Obama fielded questions from reporters at the White House Friday before heading to Hawaii for vacation. He responded to the investigations into Russian hacking of the Democratic Party.
NPR在線收聽:Noah's Lark2016-12-19
In this game, contestants add a letter to a common name, title, or phrase to turn one of the original words into an animal.
NPR在線收聽:'The Man In The High Castle' Returns To Amazon For Season 22016-12-19
The show imagines what it would be like if the axis countries had won World War II, and America was divided between Germany and Japan. The show's heroes struggle against totalitarianism.
NPR在線收聽:Trump Selects Adviser David Friedman As Ambassador To Israel2016-12-19
President-elect Donald Trump has chosen David Friedman as America's next ambassador to Israel. The lawyer is strongly critical of the two-state solution and supports settlement building in the occupied West Bank.