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NPR在線收聽:The Latest In Politics: Trump Tweets On Nuclear Strategy2016-12-26
As president-elect Donald Trump Tweets and fills out his cabinet and White House positions, his priorities on foreign policy, trade, the debt and regulation become clear and raise alarm with critics.
NPR在線收聽:NPR's Book Concierge To The Rescue With Last-Minute Gift Ideas2016-12-26
Books make great last minute gift ideas. Here are a few tips for book shoppers with voids still to fill, helped by NPR's Book Concierge.
NPR在線收聽:Get In The Christmas Spirit: A Popular Victorian Ghost Story2016-12-26
Back in the 19th century, ghost stories were all the rage at Christmastime. NPR's Linda Wertheimer reads a spooky Victorian tale.
NPR在線收聽:Cocktail Ideas To Put The Holiday Spirit Into Your Spirits2016-12-26
Paul Taylor of the Miracle on 7th Street holiday pop-up bar in Washington, D.C. has some ideas for last-minute, simple and festive cocktails.
NPR在線收聽:Analyzing The Impact Of The U.N. Resolution On Israeli Settlements2016-12-26
The United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution condemning Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory. Ambassador Dennis Ross discusses the implications.
NPR在線收聽:As ISIS Strategy Evolves, Mosul Battle Gets Tougher On Iraqi Forces2016-12-26
An Iraqi special forces commander explains the drone-dropped bombs and other ISIS tactics making the battle for Mosul so difficult.
NPR在線收聽:The Traditional Food Debate Rages On: Latkes Or Hamantaschen?2016-12-26
For 70 years scholars at the University of Chicago have been debating the age old question: Latkes or Hamantaschen? NPR's Lind Wertheimer discusses the debate with moderator Hal Weitzman.
NPR在線收聽:U.N. Rejects U.S. Calls For Sanctions On South Sudan2016-12-26
The United Nations has sounded the alarm about a potential genocide in South Sudan, but the Security Council couldn't muster the votes needed to impose an arms embargo.
NPR在線收聽:American Hearing Loss In Decline2016-12-26
Despite the ubiquity of headphones these days, a new study indicates hearing loss among American is in decline. Our host speaks with the study's co-author, audiologist Gregory Flamme.
NPR在線收聽:ISIS Likely Directed Anis Amri To Attack Berlin Christmas Market2016-12-25
NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with Rukmini Callimachi of The New York Times about Berlin attacker Anis Amri's ties to ISIS and how he became radicalized.
NPR在線收聽:European Banks Reach Multi-Billion Dollar Settlement Over Toxic Mortgages2016-12-25
In the waning days of the Obama administration, two European banks, Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse, agreed to multi-billion dollar settlements with U.S. authorities for selling toxic mortgages prior to the financial crisis. The combined payouts will be approximately $12.5 billion. A third bank, Barclays, balked at a deal and is being sued by the Justice Department.
NPR在線收聽:Who First Decorated The Christmas Tree? Historian Says Neither Latvia Or Estonia2016-12-25
Latvia and Estonia have long fought over who can claim the site of the first decorated tree, but a Latvian historian says it might be neither.
NPR在線收聽:International Manhunt Underway For Tunisian Suspect In Berlin Market Attack2016-12-25
German authorities have offered a reward of more than $100,000 as part of efforts to find a suspect in Monday's attack in Berlin. Twelve people were killed when a truck barreled into the market.
NPR在線收聽:CIA Director John Brennan Weighs In On Russian Hacking, Syrian Conflict2016-12-25
In an interview with NPR, CIA Director John Brennan talked about Russian hacking, the ongoing conflict in Syria and his plans for life as a civilian after he leaves his post in January.
NPR在線收聽:Suspect In Berlin Christmas Market Attack Fatally Shot By Italian Police2016-12-25
The man believed to have driven a hijacked truck into a Christmas market in Berlin has been shot dead by police in Italy.
NPR在線收聽:German Ambassador Wittig On The Berlin Christmas Market Attack2016-12-25
Rachel Martin talks to German Ambassador to the U.S. Peter Wittig about his reaction to the truck attack on the Christmas market in Berlin, and the investigation to find the man behind the wheel.
NPR在線收聽:Trump Essay Signals Shift In Approach For 'Teen Vogue'2016-12-25
An essay posted earlier this month about the concept gas-lighting and how it applied to the 2016 elections highlighted a surprising seriousness of purpose from a magazine traditionally devoted to fashion and pop culture. NPR profiles the two 20-something editors of Teen Vogue.
NPR在線收聽:Putin Attacks Obama In Annual Moscow Press Conference2016-12-25
Russian President Vladimir Putin held his annual press conference in Moscow on Friday and spent much of it attacking the policies of outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama.
NPR在線收聽:Radio's Diane Rehm, A Mainstay Of Civil Discourse, Signs Off2016-12-25
After more than three decades and thousands of episodes, Rehm is stepping away from the broadcast microphone. But her successful show, with millions of listeners, almost didn't get off the ground.
NPR在線收聽:On Malta, Libyan Plane's Hijackers Surrender After Hours Of Negotiations2016-12-25
The hijackers of a Libyan plane that landed on Malta were arrested and all passengers and crew were safely released Friday morning. Kyle Vidal, a journalist with iNews Malta, has the latest.
NPR在線收聽:Suspect In Berlin Christmas Market Attack Killed By Italian Police2016-12-25
The suspect in Monday's terror attack on a Berlin street market was shot and killed by police in Milan, Italy. Twelve people died when a tractor trailer rig was driven in to a busy Christmas market.
NPR在線收聽:President-Elect Trump Suggests Expanding U.S. Nuclear Arsenal2016-12-25
President-elect Donald Trump suggested in a tweet Thursday that the U.S. should begin building up its nuclear arsenal. According to MSNBC, Trump said of nuclear weapons, let it be an arms race. NPR's Robert Siegel talks to Washington Post reporter Dan Zak.
NPR在線收聽:Libyan Commercial Plane Forced To Fly To Malta2016-12-25
A Libyan passenger plane with 118 people on board was reportedly hijacked and forced to land in Malta. Steve Inskeep talks with aviation reporter Alex Macheras.
NPR在線收聽:Berlin Attack Suspect Killed In Milan, Italian Police Say2016-12-25
Milan police report that their officers shot and killed the suspect in the Berlin Christmas market attack. Anis Amri,24, a Tunisian asylum seeker, had been at large since the attack Monday night.
NPR在線收聽:U.S. Abstains On U.N. Security Council Vote Condemning Israeli Settlements2016-12-25
The U.S. broke from previous practice and allowed the United Nations Security Council to pass a resolution condemning Israeli settlements. It's a heated political point drawing criticism by Israel of the Obama administration, which sees settlements as a hindrance to peace efforts.