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NPR在線收聽:College Football Players Sit Out Bowl Games In Anticipation Of NFL Draft2016-12-22
College football players worried about injuries are sitting out bowl games to better their chances in the NFL draft.
NPR在線收聽:How Red And Green Became The Colors Of Christmas2016-12-22
Victorians used a lot of different color palettes, and even put Santa in blue and green robes. Things got a lot more uniform after 1931.
NPR在線收聽:Turkish Police Continue Investigation Into Killing Of Russian Ambassador2016-12-22
Turkish authorities track down more information on how a member of their own police assassinated the Russian ambassador to Turkey.
NPR在線收聽:A Christmas Tree Ornament Is Worth A Thousand Words2016-12-22
From an undeliverable prenatal email address to an F2 tornado, every Christmas tree ornament tells a story.
NPR在線收聽:Gunman Who Killed Russian Ambassador Dies In Shootout With Turkish Police2016-12-22
The foreign ministers of Russia and Turkey will meet as previously scheduled Tuesday despite Monday's assassination of Russia's ambassador to Turkey by a 22-year-old Turlish policeman.
NPR在線收聽:Alabama Official Apologizes After Cutting Down Tree For Trump Rally2016-12-22
An official in Mobile, Ala., apologized for cutting down a beloved cedar tree that was removed from a park on Friday for the purpose of forming a backdrop to a Trump rally.
NPR在線收聽:Christmas Cookie Cocktails: Nice, Naughty Drinks For (21+) Boys And Girls2016-12-22
They sound completely disgusting. But cookie-dough-themed cocktails are a trend this holiday season, including at a D.C. pop-up where they're the most popular drinks.
NPR在線收聽:Truck Plows Into Berlin Christmas Market; At Least 12 People Killed2016-12-22
At a news conference on Tuesday, Germany's interior minister said there was no doubt that the incident was a terrorist attack. A Pakistani asylum-seeker has been detained by authorities.
NPR在線收聽:Disney Becomes First Studio To Cross $7 Billion Global Box Office2016-12-22
The Disney corporation has sold more than $7 billion worth of tickets to its movies so far this year. NPR takes a look at the movies that did so well and how Disney did it.
NPR在線收聽:Investigators Probe Wreckage Of Deadly Berlin Christmas Market Crash2016-12-22
Steve Inskeep talks to Berlin-based journalist Nick Spicer about Monday's incident at a Christmas market there that left 12 people dead. Police say a semi-truck plowed into the crowded thoroughfare.
NPR在線收聽:Proposed Fundraiser Featuring Trump's Sons Raises Questions2016-12-22
An online invitation to a charity event raised questions about exchanging huge charitable donations for face time with Trumps' oldest sons. The invitation was later removed from the event website.
NPR在線收聽:Privacy Advocates Claim Interactive Doll Spies On Children2016-12-21
Could the toys under your Christmas tree be spying on you? Consumer groups point to an interactive doll they say encourages children to give up personal data, in violation of the law.
NPR在線收聽:Defusing The Lure Of Militant Islam In France, Despite Death Threats2016-12-21
Dounia Bouzar works to stop radicalization of French youth. More young people from France have radicalized and gone to war zones in Syria and Iraq than from any other European country.
NPR在線收聽:Alabama Admits Its High School Graduation Rate Was Inflated2016-12-21
Alabama boosted its graduation rate with questionable methods but some policy changes also legitimately boosted the rate. It's hard to know how wrong it is, pending federal and state audit results.
NPR在線收聽:5 Things You Should Know About The Electoral College2016-12-21
As electors cast their ballots in each of the 50 states, we try to answer questions about the process: Who are these people? How are they selected? Can they really vote however they want?
NPR在線收聽:At Least 9 Dead After Truck Drives Through Christmas Market In Berlin2016-12-21
A large truck slammed into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin killing several people and injuring many more. NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Christoph Sydow, a reporter with Der Spiegel Online.
NPR在線收聽:Former Ambassador Locke On The Future Of U.S.-China Relations2016-12-21
As Donald Trump's administration is about to take over from the Obama White House, David Greene talks to former Ambassador to China Gary Locke about U.S.- Chinese relations.
NPR在線收聽:BBC Editor Thanks Girl For Offer To Replace Big Ben Chimes2016-12-21
The BBC ends its afternoon news program with the bong of the Big Ben clock. When 8-year-old Phoebe Hanson heard the clock would go silent for three years of repairs, she wrote to the BBC to offer her gong and her voice. NPR's Ari Shapiro talks to Hanson and BBC editor Roger Sawyer.
NPR在線收聽:Smartphone Strategies For Families Just In Time For The Holidays2016-12-21
Kids and iPhones it's a complicated world. For All Tech Considered, NPR's Robert Siegel talks with Amanda Lenhart, who studies how children and families use technology, to help navigate this in time for gift giving.
NPR在線收聽:German Police Investigate Truck Attack On Berlin Christmas Market2016-12-21
German police say at least nine people are dead and many more injured after a truck was driven into a crowded Christmas market in Berlin. They say they are investigating the incident as a possible terrorist attack
NPR在線收聽:How Much Is Too Much? New Study Casts Doubts On Sugar Guidelines2016-12-21
An industry-funded study questions the evidence behind guidelines on daily sugar intake. Public health experts call the controversial findings an industry attempt to undermine scientific consensus.
NPR在線收聽:'Jeopardy!' Champion Dies Before Taped Episodes Air On TV2016-12-21
Jeopardy! champion Cindy Stowell recorded her episodes in August, but she died before the first episode aired.
NPR在線收聽:Russian Ambassador To Turkey Assassinated In Ankara2016-12-21
The Russian ambassador to Turkey was fatally shot by an attacker in an art gallery in Ankara on Monday. The attack comes as Turkey and Russia are in a flurry of regional talks about Syria.
NPR在線收聽:Scientists Blast Antimatter Atoms With A Laser For The First Time2016-12-21
By comparing the light from anti-atoms with the light from regular atoms, they hope to answer one of the big mysteries of our universe: Why is there so much regular old matter and not much antimatter?
NPR在線收聽:Charlotte City Council Repeals Ordinance That Led To Bathroom Bill2016-12-21
The city council in Charlotte, N.C., has repealed a local LGBT rights ordinance that sparked a national debate over transgender rights. It's part of a reported deal with state lawmakers that also repeals a state law to prevent the city from enacting such laws.